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The Realtor Robber: What Was He Thinking?

The big news for most of us on the TV news tonight was the big snow headed out way. 

But the story that fascinated me was all about the Realtor Burglar.

He was alleged (OK, he was caught red handed by the seller's little spy camera) stealing women's clothing during an Open House at a home in Arlington, Virginia.  He had buyers on the way to the house so he could show the place to them.  I watched fascinated as they showed the shadowy video of the guy going through - oh my!  Is that a lingerie drawer? He stuffed at least one item into a back pocket. 

OK, the market is pretty brisk in these parts.  And prices are outrageously high.  Selling a modest house (that would cost about $800,000) he could earn $12,000 (that's if he's a newbie) or up to $20,000 if he's been around for a while.  Now I have some pretty nice undies, but used lingerie?  There isn't a huge after market for the stuff, even if it belonged to someone in the first family!. 

I think this guy would  be a lot smarter sticking to selling houses. 

And the interview with the sellers was pretty interesting as the husband said all they wanted was to see how people were reacting to their home - so they installed cameras all over the place.  That was a little creepy, too!

Oh, and they have suspended the burglar's real estate license.  Whew!


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