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The Hitching Post - Yum!

For years, I drove by The Hitching Post without stopping.  Then one day a neighbor called and suggested we drop by for some fried chicken that she promised would knock my socks off. 

It did.  This place served southern soul food at its best.  And I like their mission statement.

The menu was simple but delicious.  In addition to the amazing melt-in-your mouth chicken, they are famous for their pork chops.  Oh, and I gotta say, the mac and cheese?  I don't know what they do to it, by oh my!  They even make broccoli taste fabulous.

Then a few months ago, I heard that it had changed hands.  As Petworth, the neighborhood it's served for decades, got a new Metro stopped and morphed into chic and trendy, the new owners of The Hitching Post decided to open a new type of neighborhood watering hole, complete with small plates.

And somehow, that didn't seem quite right.

Well, turns out the new owners bought the recipes from the former owners, and when I ate there last night, it was like old times.  Maybe even better. 

And I'll be back!

The hitching post is one the corner of Upshur Street and Rock Creek Church Road, right across the street from the entrance to the Armed Forces Retirement Home at 200 Upshur Street NW. 

Comment balloon 6 commentsPatricia Kennedy • March 30 2014 08:05PM
The Hitching Post - Yum!
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