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There are several villages missing their idiots...

Alan May is one of my favorite blog buddies, and this post reminds me of some of the dumb criminal stories we sometimes hear. 

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Today must have been "bring your idiot to work day" on Trulia.

It's not uncommon, on the public websites, such as Trulia and Zillow, to find someone asking a question that might cause you to roll your eyes... but today, the eyes have been rolling overtime.

One member of the public asked whether their buyer's agent was allowed to lie to them?  Their own agent lied to them about the availability of a listing.  When they busted him, they wondered whether lying was allowed.

Another member of the public was surprised when the rental (that he never visited) and the owner of the rental (who he never met) told him to wire $800.00 to him in Africa turned out to be a scam.

Still another wondered what to do, since he hadn't paid his Home Owners Association fee for 7 months, and wanted to know why they were coming after him?

But that wasn't the icing on the cake.  That was a managing broker who was looking for support after he'd made a video of someone else's listing and posted it on Youtube, and was aghast, absolutely aghast when the listing agent was upset with him, and asked him to take it down.  And then he was further distressed when the commenters sided with the listing agent.

Ahh... those poor villages...

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There are several villages missing their idiots…
Alan May is one of my favorite blog buddies, and this post reminds me of some of the dumb criminal stories we sometimes hear. If you'd like to leave a comments, please stop by Alan's post. Today must have been "bring your idiot to work… more
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