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The Jefferson Memorial With Cherry Blossoms

Coming back from Capitol Hill yesterday, I decided to take a little detour past the Jefferson Memorial.  It's been hard to get a decent shot of it for a while now, as restoration work is getting in the way of framing a photo.  But yesterday, I guess the stars were aligned.

First of all, even with all of the tourists visiting the Washington's cherry blossoms, I actually found a parking space!  That meant I could get out of the car instead of taking photos leaning out the car window!  

The entire Tidal Basin is awash in fluffy, cotton candy cherry blossoms in full bloom.  And nature has been kinder this year than most.  We haven't had the obligatory wind and rain storms to blow the blossoms off their branches

And Mother Nature was kind to me, offering a day of clear, blue skies - although it was a little bit chilly.


Now it's time to stop goofing off and get back to work!  While Washington,'s cherry blossoms are just beautiful, my clients are calling!


If you are planning a move to or from the Washington, DC area, I can help.  Call, email or text me at:

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The Jefferson Memorial With Cherry Blossoms
Coming back from Capitol Hill yesterday, I decided to take a little detour past the Jefferson Memorial. It's been hard to get a decent shot of it for a while now, as restoration work is getting in the way of framing a photo. But yesterday, I guess… more
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