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A Day In The Life - From Breakfast With A Blog Buddy to Restoration of Sanity

It's been a long day, and it's still young!  When I woke up, I could see it was one of those perfect Washington days.  The temperature was in the high 60s range, and the sky was a gorgeous blue.

It started fun.  I picked up blog buddy Barbara-Jo Berberi who is here for a visit to her son, combined with an afternoon at Comedy Central's  Rally to Restore Sanity.  We had a totally fun breakfast at my favorite Dupont Circle greasy spoon - Trio's Restaurant.  We of course had to take the obligatory photos of each other taking photos of the other!  

Barbara-Jo was totally fun, and she has the same wonderful personality that comes through in her posts and comments.

Then it was home again to meet my friend Ruby and head down to Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity.  We drove to her office downtown and then walked over to the National Mall. 

What a mob scene!  We couldn't get close to the stage.  It was around 4th Street, and we got to about 12th Street then inched our way down to about 9th. 

There were some fun moments.

I heard a voice in the crowd say "Hey!  Is that Pat Kennedy?"  And there was Richard Geltman, a favorite client who was there with a friend. 

Then there was a nice little real estate moment when my friend, Ruby, noticed a sign some guys made that was certainly an outside of the box real estate marketing idea!  It's for a wonderful coop at 1526 17th Street NW, and it contained some interesting information that the listing agent couldn't probably get by with in a Washington Post ad.  This was a contrast to some of the other posters that rally-goers carried.  I watched as another agent (nobody I knew) pressed a card in his hand.  OK, I did the same thing because my card has my blog link on it and I wanted to be sure he saw this. 

Once the rally started, we could sort of hear the National Anthem, but after that, it was sort of futile.  I am gifted at working my way through crowds, still able to call on the skills I learned in my 20's navigating the New York City Subway during rush hour.  But at some point, I got really clausterphobic.  Once we got out of the center of the crowd, I sort of felt like the guy on the left, although I am far too dignified to pull this off! 

It felt like we had walked ten miles by the time we got back to Ruby's car.  When I looked at my trusty pedometer, it read about two miles, which can't possibly be right!  I'm about to fill up the Jacuzzi wtih a bunch of really hot water and soak.  It's date night, and I have an hour and a half to catch my second wind!

See you back here tomorrow!



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