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Washington's Cleveland Park: Market Report

Cleveland Park is a neighborhood of great architectural diversity.  There are small row houses that sell in the high $600's and historic mansions with price tags in the $4.5 million range.  Some are on tiny lots, with just enough room for the house and a postage stamp garden.  Others have expansive lawns and gardens.  And so far this year, the demand has been for the smaller homes at a relatively low price point.

The list of homes currently for sale includes two in excess of $4,000,000.  And they are bringing the averages up.  The highest selling price year to date is lower than that, at $2,407,000.

Here are the figures:

Currently For Sale:  15 homes (current asking price)
Low:   $715,000
High:  $4,500,000
Average: $1,993,467

Under Contract:  8 homes (asking price at contract)
Low:  $699,000
High:  $2,950,000
Average:  $1,343,438

Sold since 1/1/2009 15 homes sold (asking price at contract)
Low:  $863,000 (selling price)
High: $2,407,000
Average:  $1,122,800

Average original asking price for sold properties: $1,219,190

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Washington's Cleveland Park: Market Report
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