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Beware of the Boxwood!


Sunday, I held an adorable listing open.  It's a Georgetown townhouse with a pretty garden and parking for two (count 'em, two) parking spaces. 

The first people who walked in looked a little sour dour, and I heard one of them say, "Ick!  Cats!".

Ok, there are kids, but no cats.  No pets of any kind, and the kids don't smell like cats. 

Then I did a little sniff, sniff thing and sure enough.  There was a whiff of something that smelled like that little kitty aphrodisiac that male cats use to attract the ladies.  Well, not human ladies.  We are repelled by this particular scent.  But lady cats seem to love the stuff!

Then I looked out the front door and realized.  It's the boxwood hedge in the front yard!  It's totally beautiful and totally stinky shrub! 

And I was about to plant a couple in my front garden!

Comment balloon 22 commentsPatricia Kennedy • March 30 2009 10:01PM
Beware of the Boxwood!
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