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Right Now! Stop Blogging and Back Up Your Computers!

"CSI Washington" just left my house.  It was full of hunky guys in blue uniforms fingerprinting doorknobs and looking for clues.

Some idiot broke into my house this afternoon, apparently right before I came home.  He (don't know why I'm assuming it's a he, coulda been a lady burglar) took my Big Mac, my MacBook and my MacBook Air.  And they were backed up to one another, but noplace else. 

Stupid!  Stupid!  Stupid! 

And where was Willie the Hyperactive Labrodoodle puppy during all this?  He's staying at my sister's this week.  Bet her place won't get broken into!

Anyway, blogging will be a challenge for the next few days, though I'm sure I'll manage somehow.  Meanwhile, all of my contact files, appointment records, tax stuff - including a carefully kept milage log, are on all three of the machines, but not on a CD.

The worst part, I had some wonderful photos of my father taken when he was still at home.  I meant to back them up, along with some great photos I took at the Cape, in Barbados and my various parties.

Oh, and my "home inventory" that would come in really handy right now is, guess where?  On the Big Mac.   Grrrrr!

The desktop is so old, it never occurred to me that some idiot would steal it. 


So back up your computers!  Do it now! 

And please say a prayer to St. Anthony (the patron saint of stuff that's lost) that maybe the police find the jerk who did it - and my computers!

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Right Now! Stop Blogging and Back Up Your Computers!
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