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Please Welcome Piers Lamb to Active Rain!

Evers & Company's Art Director, Piers Lamb, has made his blogging debut on Active Rain!

Each time we get a new listing, Piers does a photo shoot he can head back to the office to create a wonderful flyer and post cards to mail out to the neighbors or our sphere of influence.  And he is really a gifted photographer and layout guy. 

And lately, he's gone beyond that, helping each of us with branding ourselves and finding innovative ways to market us and our listings. 

When I first spoke to our broker and company owner, Donna Evers, about the possibility of coming to work for our firm, it was Piers' marketing pieces that immediately convinced me that it would be a good idea.

He accepted Catarina Bannier's invitation to blog, and he will be bringing us great tps on how to take better photos.  And I'm sure he'll come up with lots of other fun stuff, too!

So Piers!  Welcome to Active Rain!  And blog on!

Comment balloon 13 commentsPatricia Kennedy • May 30 2008 07:07PM
Please Welcome Piers Lamb to ActiveRain!
Evers & Company's Art Director, Piers Lamb has made his blogging debut on ActiveRain! Each time we get a new listing, Piers does a photo shoot he can head back to the office to create a wonderful flyer and post cards to mail out to the… more
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