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What A Gray, Lazy Day!

 This was one of those days when I had almost no energy at all. 

So I spent the whole day (almost) goofing off.  I played Snood (a dangerously addictive computer game) and played with Willie the hyper-active Labradoodle puppy.   Then I caught up on some of my blog reading and comments.    And yeah, I felt a little guilty.  This was not a planned day off, and my to-do list, at least most of it, is going to be staring me in the face tomorrow.

And I have to wonder, does it make any sense to try to interact with clients when my energy level is in the toilet?

It was like a convergence of nasty weather, a squirrely alignment of the planets, and bio-rhythms - OK, I know nothing about bio-rhythms.  But you get the idea.

I did force myself to write a draft fact sheet for a new listing - more about that after tomorrow's photo shoot.  And you know what?  I sort of had writer's block - my sellers are both journalists, so it had to be great.  And it was one of those things I did only because I said I would do it, though I wasn't even close to being in the mood.   And it will be great before I'm finished with it. 

So now, more goofing off!  I'm vegging out in front of the television set watching my weekly addiction, Dancing With The Stars, a show with incredibly high energy competitors.  Geez!  I'm like slug bait next to these guys!   And once in a while, that's OK.


Comment balloon 30 commentsPatricia Kennedy • April 28 2008 08:04PM
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