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Ya Know? I Might Not Be Your Agent

I have this bad habit.  I really like to win.  Often I really like to win just for the sake of winning and not because I want the prize.

This week, I got a call from some people who wanted to sell their house.  I stopped by to see it, and it was pretty badly beaten up.  Their housekeeping was worse than mine, the place smelled funny, and the bathrooms had athletes foot.


I then proceeded to do a full court press to wow them. 

Pick me!

Love me!

But wait!  I don't want this listing!  It's going to be overpriced!  It's dirty, lousy and full of fleas!  They don't want to pay a full brokerage fee!

I tell myself we can stage the place.  I can convince them to live like compulsive neat freaks until we find a buyer.  Challenges are fun!  I can change them.  I can change the house.

But no I can't!  It doesn't work that way. Not with husbands.  Not with houses and their owners.

I'm sure they can find someone who will list it at their price, reduce his fees, and assure them that buyers have a lot of imagination and will look beyond the clutter and housitosis.

But I'm not that agent.


Comment balloon 28 commentsPatricia Kennedy • November 29 2008 10:00PM
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