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Scaring Little Children - And Buyers

Tomorrow night, little ghouls and goblins all over the country will be knocking on doors begging for candy.  Give it to them or risk having your house TP'd, soap on your windows, or whatever else they can think up. 

Now, one of my neighbors likes to give out as little candy as possible.  He's a little cheap.  Well, not cheap, just frugal.  And he achieves his goal by scaring the be-geezes out of the trick or treaters, answering the door with a plastic bloody stump over his arm, and he actually smears catsup on it for effect.  Sends the little guys screaming over to my house.  It's just not worth it to them for a tiny little Snickers bar!

And as I'm passing out little Heath Bars and mini Butterfingers, I had to ask myself, do agents have the equivalent of the catsup-smeared bloody stump to scare colleagues and their clients? 

  • Bad smells?
  • Realtor-eating dogs?
  • Clutter?
  • Toilet seats left up?
  • Unmade beds?
  • Dirty dishes in the sink?
  • Sellers that help us show their house?
  • Rodents that aren't squirrels in the basement?
  • Suffocating dust bunnies?

Right now, I am blessed with three listings with no bloody stumps.

Well, one had a bad smell in the basement, but we got rid of it.

Another had rats in the basement, but we god Rat Doom there immediately, and now the little guys have moved on to the neighborhs'.

The third had a snake in the family room during the broker's open, but a contractor doing work down the street came to my rescue and escorted him out of the house and into the woods.

So if you're enjoying a little down time until the election removes one of the uncertainties plaguing this market, check your listings for bloddy stumps, especially the ones with catsup smeared on them.


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