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I "Heart" Open Houses

There are lots of posts I see from agents who are complaining that their Open Houses are a waste of time.  

Maybe I just had a great How-to-Hold-an-Open-House mentor as a new agent, but wow!  I've always found them to be useful in both exposing my listings and meeting buyers.

Over the past couple of weekends, I've gone through a bunch of Opens both with buyers and previewing, and there's something I've noticed:

Lots of agents treat their Open Houses like a time when they can, who knows, check email, return phone calls, or even write blog postings!

I walked into one million dollar plus house last weekend.  The agent was sitting at the dining room table.  She didn't get up when I walked in, and even though she didn't know me or know I was an agent, she didn't say hello, introduce herself or anything.  She was sitting at the dining room table messing with her laptop. There were several television sets tuned to the local real estate channel, and they were running a Countrywide ad over and over.  In the smaller bedrooms, staged in Early Teenage Rebellion, there were boom boxes blaring music from different rock stations.  When I got back downstairs to check out the dining room and kitchen, she finally spoke. 

"Waddaya think?"

"OK, do you really want to know?"

Sure, she said.

I told her that if I was holding the house open, I would turn off all of the television sets, and if I had any music, it would be something other than rock.  

Gee, she didn't realize the radios were on. 

Um.  We have cacophony!   

And I wanted to add that she should stop playing computer games on her laptop (yes, it was Tetris, not even an Active Rain addiction she was feeding) and put some energy into what she was doing.  But I didn't want to sound obnoxious.  Instead I told her what a beautiful kitchen renovation her sellers had done and wished her good luck.

Today, I brought buyers to a new condo conversion, and the agent walked us to the unit we wanted to see and out of the building without taking a break from a cell phone conversation.

Hello!  We have a couple of questions!

If I ever see one of these guys do a post whining about how the gods of Open Houses are being unkind to them, boy!  Will I have some comments to post! 

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